Click a Waiter Commits to Star Micronics Printers to Revolutionize Restaurants

Click a Waiter provides robust online ordering platforms and mobile tablet solutions for restaurants, with a goal of empowering restaurants to implement successful online ordering operations and compete with large chains.

ComeKeto, a Click a Waiter customer, is a Brazilian restaurant and sandwich shop based in Leominster, Massachusetts. A very famous expression in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, come quieto means to eat peacefully. Owner and Brazil native Rodrigo Souza opened the restaurant in 2009 aiming to bring the taste of Brazil to Leominster. Since then, ComeKeto has become the “the place everyone is talking about,” as its sign says.

To improve productivity and boost revenue, ComeKeto needed a way to streamline its business operations and improve its customer experience. The restaurant entrusted Click a Waiter, with the support of Star Micronics, to expedite order processing and make it easier for customers to order their food.

In order for Click a Waiter to revolutionize restaurants like ComeKeto, the company needed to upgrade their own solutions first.

Previously, Click a Waiter had been running its web-based back- office solutions on a proprietary printer solution. CEO Osvaldo Rodriguez explained that the proprietary solution “wasn’t for everyone” because many restaurants didn’t have a front-counter computer. The company needed wireless capabilities in order to make their product easier for employees to deploy and more convenient for customers to use.

Rodriguez also said Click a Waiter observed a gap in the market that needed to be filled. “We want to solve the issue of having

End-user: Click a Waiter Industry: Restaurant

Products: TSP650II BTi Bluetooth desktop thermal receipt printer

Solutions: Streamline business operations and improve customer experience by expediting order processing. to develop a proprietary online ordering system.” He explained that larger restaurants and national brands are able to develop their own proprietary system, but smaller businesses lack the “know-how” or budget to develop such platforms.

The company was able to complete these platforms with mobile POS hardware and Star Micronics printing solutions for an easy integration and same-day go-live.

“We did our research and made the decision to invest in Star Micronics,” Rodriguez said. “When combined with our solutions, Star printers are really helping our clients increase their online and takeout businesses.” “Click a Waiter now supports many printer manufacturers, but we are loyal to Star Micronics,” Rodriguez said. “We have chosen Star as our preferred printer vendor.”

With help from Star, Click a Waiter was able to allow ComeKeto to transition from a traditional PC-based point of sale (POS) system to a mobile POS system. Click a Waiter implemented a single tablet POS terminal with the Waiter Station app installed.

Waiter Station allows restaurants to leverage Android® and iOS® devices to update menus, notify staff of incoming orders, print reports, and track delivery orders and drivers in real time. To complete the solution, Click a Waiter integrated one Star TSP650II BTi Bluetooth thermal receipt printer and two Star SP700 impact kitchen printers for easy use with the mobile terminal.

Star’s TSP650II BTi Bluetooth desktop thermal receipt printer couples the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded in today’s fast-paced POS environments. Capable of printing 60 receipts per minute (300 mm/sec), the TSP650II BTi offers unrivalled processing power and data throughput. Equipped with easy “drop in and print” paper loading and a reliable guillotine cutter, the TSP650II BTi is feature-rich while leaving a small footprint.

For back-of-house operations, Star’s SP700 impact kitchen printer is specifically built to work in environments where heat and humidity can erode the type on the print. The SP700 offers crisp, legible type for quick viewing, a clamshell design for easy paper loading and an embedded power supply for space efficiency.

“We did our research and made the decision to invest in Star Micronics.”
Osvaldo Rodriguez
CEO, Click a Waiter

With wireless printing functionality, restaurant owners can move their solution wherever they want without worrying about wires and – overall – save money on their installation. ComeKeto was able to run their POS and online ordering on one platform with the same hardware, which helped it not only cut costs, but improve productivity and ease-of-use.

The complete Click a Waiter Hub – which consists of the tablet, app and Star printers – is able to receive orders placed on web platforms or mobile devices. The restaurant staff is notified when a new order is received and can confirm then order. Once the order has been confirmed, it is sent to either the Bluetooth thermal receipt printer or impact kitchen printer. After the order ticket has printed, an SMS message is sent to the customer notifying them that their order is ready for pick up.

These features are also useful in a restaurant that delivers, allowing them to manage their drivers and track orders in real-time until they are successfully delivered. Managers no longer have to worry when a customer calls about their order – they will know which driver it is with and how close they are to the destination.

Rodriguez said Click a Waiter’s main goal is to increase its clients’ takeout and delivery business by 30 percent within the first 24 months – and that the company will continue to use Star products to make that possible.

“Star printers have always elicited great responses from our customers, and Click a Waiter has always been treated really well by Star anytime we have needed technical assistance,” Rodriguez said, citing that customers specifically enjoy the speed and quality of their Star products.

“We like the continued innovation that Star brings.

“Star printers have always elicited great responses from our customers.”

Osvaldo Rodriguez
CEO, Click a Waiter

(800) 782-7636 x107

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