Click a Waiter launches its mobile website

Click a Waiter launches its mobile website

Mobile Website Launch Checklist

Run through all 13 steps in 13 Steps to a Successful Website Launch.

Run your site through automatic mobile checkers like W3C mobileOK Checker and mobiReady. Both are great serviceMake sure you have Apple iPhone/iPod icon created.

Test your site on as many mobile phones as possible. If you do not have access to many, use emulators like Apple’s iPhone Emulator, Blackberry Emulator, Android Emulator, Windows Phone 7 Emulator, etc.

Test your mobile detection script to make sure it properly redirects mobile visitors. A great script for that is at

If you want a bit more control for specific devices then you can try MobileESP, paid alternatives, or better yet, write your own.

Give your users a way back to the full feature site if they want to. This sounds easy, and it actually is, but does require a little bit of scripting to make it happen.

Compress your CSS & Javascript. Watch out for online services that compress CSS as the majority of them will strip out any CSS3 elements. The one I personally use is which has support for CSS3 and offers a bunch of options.

After you compress your CSS & JS, it is always good to double check your site again to make sure that everything is still functioning properly.

If you are using Location based services, you might want to check on all types of networks including 3G, Wifi, Edge, etc. This is not as critical as some of the other steps, but there can be some inconsistencies.

Check your contact forms to see if it is possible to use HTML5 elements such as type=’email’, etc. In the end, it just helps the experience.

This article is a general overview of some things you should consider when launching a site. If you have other tips for launching a mobile website, please share by posting in the comments. Everyone has their own tricks and techniques for launching a site, and we’d love to hear yours. The more information that gets shared on successful launches, the better for mobile websites everywhere!

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