Co-Brand, White Label and API Integration Opportunities For POS and Online Ordering Platform

Co-Brand, White Label and API Integration Opportunities For POS and Online Ordering Platform

Leominster, Massachusetts, December 15, 2014 Click a Waiter Inc. continues its drive to bring ecommerce to restaurants across America and the world. Introducing Click a Waiter’s API suite for restaurant online ordering and POS solutions, Our open API, Co-brand, and White Label opportunities we are enabling POS-ISV’s, merchant acquirers, processors and ISO’s as well as website builders with the ability to launch their very own restaurant/retail POS system and online ordering platform. “It’s your brand, your pricing and your control” when enabled with our technology. The API and white label opportunity will enable several technologies the ability to sell online ordering as a standalone solution to restaurants. This solution is available through an android or iOS mobile application that will run on a tablet. It also enables restaurants/merchants with a full-featured POS for the quick service industry.

These projects started with the concept of enabling existing POS companies via API integration with the ability to add our online interactive menu capabilities to their current software application. On a larger scale we see acquisitions occurring amongst the largest most dominant companies taking direct control of their own POS companies. These ventures involve acquisitions with price tags of $5-50 Million. Click a Waiter is now at the forefront of presenting our technology and software to empower ISO’s, Banks and Financial Services Providers with the ability to create and own their own POS solution so they can take direct and complete control of their segment in the financial services industry. It is our intention to come out of the gate with functionalities that include use with new technologies such as Apple Pay, EMV and NFC. Our program as an enabler will include three level entry points. If you are an existing company who wants to expand your capabilities by utilizing our software program to add a POS or online ordering system to your business plan, you can launch as a Co-brand, White Label or API at a very reasonable price-point.

As a Co-brand or a White Label, you retain the capability to have your own business name and operate, run and formulate that business, its approach and plan for profitability as your own. As a Co-brand our name would appear at page bottoms reflecting “powered by Click a Waiter”. If you are simply adding some of our technology/software to an existing platform, this may be accomplished via an API Integration.

If you are a major financial enterprise seeking to create and deploy your own world class POS Solution without spending literally millions of dollars to acquire an existing company or create the platform on your own, a White Label opportunity exists for you to build your own POS Solution with our technology and software platform managing your system under your own name, with your own “skins”, look, and individualized features. You can build this to leverage your own BRAND! Click a Waiter and iSeed POS identifiers will be entirely removed. You will control your own direct channel to control financial services and pursue your own business plan at a fraction of the cost.

About Click a Waiter

Massachusetts-based Click a Waiter was first conceived in 2011, the brainchild of Osvaldo and Joyce Rodriguez. The company was created in order to help restaurants all over the world achieve, create and implement a robust online ordering solution branded to the restaurant. We are a growing enterprise with a desire to expand nationwide and internationally. We are looking to develop distribution and sales partnerships with pre-existing sales networks and related technologies such as POS companies, merchant processors, acquirers and ISO’s.


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