Click a Waiter and Colony Foods Partner up

Click a Waiter and Colony Foods Partner up

Click a Waiter and Colony Foods Inc. are pleased to announce that their companies have joined forces to offer restaurants customers more options for ordering food. By teaming up with Click a Waiter, Colony Foods will be able to help their various Partner Restaurants digitize their menus and improve their bottom line.

With Click a Waiter, restaurants are offered the unique opportunity to catch up with the digital revolution. Customers are already completing a large portion of their commerce online in other industries, and restaurants are beginning to catch up. Surveys have indicated that up to 35 percent of customers would prefer to order their food online than call in the request.

Click a Waiter improves the value added management program while offering customers the opportunity to do so and help expand the client base, improve productivity, and improve the bottom line. What Click a Waiter and Colony Foods have createdColony Foods and its 800 restaurant partners will now be able to produce a completely digitized menu. This includes a Facebook menu app and branding, a mobile menu app, an email marketing tool, the ability to determine delivery zones, and more. Email marketing and sms text marketing campaigns also make it easier to reach new and old customers alike.

With the millions of potential Facebook followers, the Facebook capabilities alone offer the opportunity to reach a number of new customers.Given than up to 80 percent of searches are now performed on a mobile devices, offering customers the chance to order right from their mobile devices while on the go can help make the entire process significantly easier on the customer. They do not have to worry about finding a phone number, reading a menu, and calling in their order. They can do it all easily in one step from their phone or mobile device. This convenience may be why mobile phone online ordering has increased by 4000 percent over just the past three years.Colony Foods is a spectacular food service distributor.

Colony Foods’ Partner Restaurants enjoy the luxury of having all of their goods, from the highest quality ingredients, to the necessary cleaning supplies, delivered to their restaurant. Through their partnership with Click a Waiter, they will be able to bring their Restaurant Partners access to these many benefits at a discounted rate. This will make it even easier for them to improve their bottom line.When it comes to working as a successful restaurant in the modern era, Owners have an enormous advantage when they are able to reach their customers online. This new partnership between Click a Waiter and Colony Foods offers the opportunity to expand the Click a Waiter offerings across the country while Colony Foods associates can improve their profits.

About Click a Waiter Massachusetts-based Click a Waiter was first conceived in 2011, the brainchild ofOsvaldo and Joyce Rodriguez. We have taken great care to develop and debug this system before launching. We are a growing enterprise with a desire to expand nationwide, and then internationally. We are looking to develop distribution and sales partnerships with pre-existing sales networks and related technologies such as POS companies. For more information contact:

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