Click a Waiter Offers Online and Facebook Ordering System for Restaurants

Click a Waiter Offers Online and Facebook Ordering System for Restaurants

Click a Waiter Offers Online and Facebook Ordering System for Restaurants

January 19, 2016 – Click a Waiter recently upgraded their e-commerce website package and restaurant online ordering platform, and the company says apps for the Android and iOS are now available as well, moves that have been met with approval in the industry.

“Times have changed: people want access to everything online so we’re offering a Facebook ordering system that will do just that,” says Click A Waiter. “Our iSeedPOS is designed for the restaurants of today, and it’s powerful enough to meet the needs of merchants without compromising ease of use.”

The market for online restaurant orders has grown significantly, and this has increased the need for platforms to cope with the demand. Click a Waiter recognizes this situation and it is for that reason why they developed the iSeedPOS and other e-commerce solutions.

“What merchants need today is flexibility and a POS that allows you to take advantage of mobile, since that is what pretty much everyone is using,” Click a Waiter says. “Our POS is stable and built with durability in mind, and we have implemented features that increase customer checkout speed and make it easier to check orders for accuracy. Our POS even lets you access data and do transactions offline.”

The growth of online restaurants has not gone unrecognized within the industry, and a lot of major players are making the transition to online or adding it to their service. Even so there are still some companies that are not certain if the POS is worth the investment. According to Click a Waiter, it makes all the difference.

Mobile restaurant ordering is here to stay and it’s time your company adapts to it. With a POS you can keep track of customers’ names and contact information, and it’s easier to customize orders and keep track of promotions.”s


Click a Waiter is a company that specializes in point of order systems for restaurants, making it easier for operators to run their business from the desktop or mobile. The company also offers an integrated website e-commerce solution to go along with their POS as well. For more information please go to

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