White Label Licensing Program

Turn-key POS and Online Ordering Technologies

Promote a White Label Enterprise POS and Online Ordering platform. Develop and create your own pricing models for your market demands. Target high value, high volume market segments and increase your margin and portfolio thus expanding your marketplace with subscription service revenue streams.

Customize the UI skins to have your company’s look and feel. Engage your merchants with a robust point of sale system and help them grow their business. Our white label platform includes branded mobile apps.

  • 1- Standalone Android Merchant Admin App
  • 1- Standalone IOS Merchant Admin App
  • 1- POS/Online Ordering Android App
  • 1- Android Delivery Driver and Order Management Apps
  • 1- IOS Delivery Driver and Order Management Apps

Never feel like your hands are tied, with our custom programming you will have the ability to develop custom features that can be added to your white label platform.